Investment of nearly $1 billion poured into north Caboolture

ALMOST $1 billion in development activity is driving a new era for the north Caboolture region, with research showing robust population growth is being underpinned by a wave of new public and private development.

Internal research undertaken by over 50s community provider Halcyon shows a matrix of new infrastructure initiatives that are improving transport connectivity, boosting vital services and enhancing lifestyle amenities in a region ‘where the country meets the city’.

Latest Australian Bureau of Statistics and Census figures reveal the number of residents has ballooned by 20 percent since 2011, now sitting at more than 71,000.

And Queensland Government Statistician’s Office predicts that the population will reach 100,000 residents by 2031.

Key infrastructure underway or nearing completion in the north Caboolture precinct includes:

• $670 million being spent on the six-laning of the Bruce Highway between Caboolture and the Steve Irwin Way.
• $400 million-plus QM Properties Central Springs
• $100 million Big Fish Travel Centre.
• $130 million upgrade of Pumicestone Road catchment.
• $132 million upgrade Caboolture Hospital.
• $70 million Halcyon Glades over 50s community.

The research has assisted Halcyon in the development of its Halcyon Glades community – an extravagant over 50s project which is currently under construction and has enjoyed the fruits of the region’s population growth.

Halcyon joint managing director Bevan Geissmann said the north Caboolture region was undergoing a “golden era”.

“The Pumicestone Road catchment has been a major driver in improving the infrastructure required to maximise the region’s growth potential, and we are seeing the fruits of this investment,” said Dr Geissmann.

“Moreton Bay Regional Council and private property developers are spending more than $130 million on everything from roads to retail and this is enhancing the region immensely.”

Other significant development features include a 4500sqm neighbourhood shopping centre, Pumicestone Marketplace, which will have a 3000sqm Drakes Supermarket, several speciality shops, a pharmacy and a medical centre.

Just five minutes away at the northern end of Pumicestone Road, Caboolture’s iconic Big Fish site is being transformed by Eildon Funds Management into a $100 million-plus retail and service hub known as The Big Fish Travel Centre.

The first of the centre’s three stages opened recently and it includes a Caltex Service Station and a casual dining venue.

Construction of Stage 2 is expected to start later this year and will deliver a full-line supermarket, a smaller supermarket, 900sqm of specialty shops, a veterinary surgery, gymnasium or indoor sport and recreation centre, and 345 car parking spaces.

Axis has begun early planning on the final instalment of the centre, which is approved for child care, medical services, accommodation and trade and service-related uses.

The Big Fish Travel Centre project brings with it $6 million in sewer, water and road improvements to Pumicestone Road while Moreton Bay Regional Council has recently spent more than $6.5 million improving roads and creating linkages in the area.

Ongoing roadworks, valued at around $4 million, will further shave local travel times by creating a more direct route from the catchment to Caboolture Hospital, Caboolture Private Hospital and Central Lakes Shopping Village.

“Caboolture Hospital is also responding to the area’s growth and expected future demand by creating additional assistance to the aging population and those in need of care,” Dr Geissmann said.

The $132 million upgrade to the Caboolture Hospital will deliver a new 32-bed adult ward and expand the emergency department.

The new ward will specialise in the care of the elderly and will boost the hospital’s capacity to allow an additional 2500 adult patients to be treated every year.

QM Properties has also launched its Central Springs development, a 160 hectare, 1,000-lot masterplanned community with land and house packages.

By far the biggest investment in the area in the $670 million being spent on the six-laning of the Bruce Highway between Caboolture and the Steve Irwin Way.

Widening the highway is expected to help ease congestion, making trips to and from the Sunshine Coast easier and quicker for commuters, day trippers, and tourists.

“The area’s location on Brisbane’s doorstep and at the gateway to the Sunshine Coast is strategic and improvements to the highway will create a smoother commute for tourists and workers between the two cities,” Dr Geissmann said.

“It’s little wonder that the area is experiencing this level of infrastructure spending when you realise that several thousand new residents are moving to Caboolture each year.”

In a nod to the area’s ongoing growth, Halcyon Glades continues to expand and has recently launched its final stage of homes, bringing even more new faces and friends to this vibrant and beautiful part of South East Queensland.”