Ray White Surfers Paradise recruits staff amid global pandemic

The Gold Coast’s leading real estate agency, Ray White Surfers Paradise (RWSP) Group, is bucking the growing unemployment trend in the real estate industry and is instead in a strong recruitment mode.

In a demonstration of the calming approach that comes with 40 years in the industry, including operating through volatile economic cycles, RWSP CEO Andrew Bell is taking a pragmatic, long-term approach to the current COVID-19 crisis.

“In any situation in business it is critical to adapt and because we have been through the highs and lows before we certainly take a long-term approach,” says Mr Bell.

“This is why when many real estate businesses are contracting, we are actively recruiting skilled individuals with experience across a range of sectors including commercial and residential.

“In our long history we have endured significant economic shocks on at least nine separate occasions, including four recessions, three stock market crashes, a nine-month national pilot strike and the global financial crisis,” said Mr Bell.

“As we always take a very proactive approach to the market we have been able to work through this challenging time incredibly well. We are still listing and selling on a daily basis and are, in fact, selling more properties than we list each week.

Established almost 120 years ago, the broader Ray White network has successfully operated through a series of global crises, including two world wars and the Great Depression – the worst economic downturn the world has faced.

Mr Bell said that as the largest agency in the global Ray White network, RWSP boasts the necessary knowledge and skills that allows them to succeed through challenging times, and they are now looking to share these skills with new recruits.

“The addition of more skilled employees in our business, who are trained and conversant with the market that’s before us, will enable us to provide even greater assistance to our database of clients which is over 320,000 strong.

“From our experience we have come to know the trend of the market including how it responds and how we can successfully service our buyers and sellers amid these times.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic we have continued to operate incredibly well and we are seeing that the shortage of stock in the market has created a great environment for sellers.

“Our staff at RWSP are undergoing extensive training so they can effectively adapt to the changing real estate environment and the restrictions that have been imposed.

“We are on positive footing and are in the position where we can recruit more staff due to the successful way we have navigated through the challenges we have faced,” he said.

The Ray White network’s proactive approach to responding to COVID-19, guided by their extensive experience, saw the agency turnover $4.52 billion in sales during the month of March.

Mr Bell said that RWSP is in fact, witnessing great growth in its property management division, despite it initially facing some of the biggest challenges due to the financial hardship many landlords and tenants faced.

“We are now seeing increasing numbers of people looking for a strong and experienced agency with great connections and resources to guide them through this time.

“We have been able to confidently operate through the challenging times we face by maintaining what is key in the real estate industry, and that is the relationships with our clients,” said Mr Bell.

“Like many businesses we have adapted the way we communicate with our clients. We knew what concerns buyers and sellers were facing and we reached out to them and advocated for them during this time,” he said.

In an effort to support buyers, sellers, landlords and renters, the Australian government has outlined a range of measures to help those financially disadvantaged due to COVID-19.

Such relief measures include offering select people early access to their super and the recommendation that banks enable customers to defer mortgage repayments for up to six months.

The Queensland government will also be offering a $20 million rental agreement package to assist tenants and property owners who face significant financial distress.

“Despite the impacts of the coronavirus people will always have the need to buy and sell property and we remain very optimistic about the future of the real estate industry here on the Gold Coast,” said Mr Bell.

“With an inevitable, strong rebound in the market coming, we are activity recruiting skilled individuals across our residential and commercial divisions to join us as we triumph through this time, helping to provide great service, advice and results for our clients,” said Mr Bell.

“The opportunity to start in a new position in the midst of a global pandemic is truly unique and we anticipate there will be great interest by agents to join the RWSP network,” he said.

All interested agents are encouraged to apply directly to RWSP.

For further information on RWSP visit https://www.rwsp.net/.