News and Media

Many PR practitioners offer media advice without ever having worked in the newsroom. Without practical experience, it is very difficult to provide the right advice.

Steve Hunt worked for almost 20 years as a senior journalist in print media, working predominantly for Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp between 1987 and 2002. Media Hunt’s digital arm is headed by Sean Lawson, a specialist in electronic media with more than 30 years in the industry, where he worked with Channel 9 and Fox Sports.

Our combined extensive knowledge of both traditional and new media, as well as extensive connections in the media industry across Australia, gives Media Hunt a considerable advantage when it comes to providing the correct strategic media advice to our clients.

For our select stable of clients, we foreshadow, plan, advise and respond to various complex scenarios that can impact positively or adversely on their enterprises in the media.

We understand the 24 hour news cycle, what makes the media tick, what media want in terms of content, and how to manage media respectfully, appropriately and professionally.

We are very well respected in the media industry and are often viewed by the media as a reliable and credible source for news content.

Improve your media management and strategy