Villa World committed to supporting Gold Coast Hospital Foundation

National developer Villa World has bolstered its support for the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation (GCHF) donating a further $12,500 to the not-for-profit organisation last month.

Villa World’s ongoing commitment has seen a total of $44,000 donated through a range of fundraising initiatives over the past two years for the foundation which exists to relieve distress and hardship for patients and their families facing serious illness and medical emergencies in Gold Coast public hospitals.

The developer’s fundraising efforts include donating $2,500 from each of the 14 homes purchased by Gold Coast Hospital and Health staff members at Arundel Springs, hosting a movie night which raised $1,500 and providing $7,500 in funding for a book publication.

Villa World general manager of sales and marketing Robyn Valmadre said providing support to such a worthwhile cause was an important part of Villa World’s commitment to the Gold Coast community.

“The GCHF does a terrific job and it’s important to us that we stand behind foundations like these in our community and offer them the support they deserve, Mrs Valmadre said.

“We strongly believe in providing a helping hand to our community and we can’t think of a better cause.

“These donations go some way in improving a patient’s time in hospital which is very rewarding and we look forward to providing our ongoing support,” she said.

Among the patients who have experienced first-hand the help of the GCHF and Villa World is Lisa Gilmer who has relied upon the services of the foundation to get to and from treatment for brain cancer.

Miss Gilmer said the Cancer Patient Transport Service offered by the GCHF made it possible for her to endure regular, ongoing appointments and treatment since leaving the hospital.

To pay it forward Miss Gilmer wrote the book entitled The Very Stripy Dachshundwhich saw Villa World pledge $7,500 for its publication.

“I couldn’t have done it without Gold Coast Hospital Foundation because their bus service and staff are awesome,” Miss Gilmer said.

“You can’t get to the hospital without them and you can’t rely on other people. You need this service to get you there and I couldn’t have done this without them.

“With little means to support myself and Mum unable to work because she was caring for me it has been an extremely challenging and stressful situation and the Cancer Patient Transport Service is an absolute lifeline,” she said.

Books are now being sold at the Gold Coast University Hospital (GCUH) with proceeds being donated directly to the foundation which relies on community support to deliver its services.

Villa World’s support has also recently seen the GCHF purchase children’s play equipment.

iPad stands, a playhouse and play kitchen unit were all purchased with Villa World’s movie night donations and have been placed into the children’s emergency department of the GCUH.

Acting CEO of Gold Coast Hospital Foundation, Joe Hanlon said Villa Worlds enthusiasm to support and provide donations for play equipment is as important as many other medical devices.

“We’re very fortunate to work with such a passionate partner and receive funding for all of these aids which play a significant role in helping to reduce distress and anxiety for children experiencing medical procedures and treatment,” Mr Hanlon said.

“Sometimes it’s the non-clinical items that have the most impact. These pieces in particular will be used by hundreds of children and their families as they move through the children’s emergency department at GCUH.

“It takes the isolation of being in hospital away, they have a familiar piece of play equipment to feel safe with and we’re very grateful for Villa World’s ongoing support to help us deliver this for patients,” he said.

Every year close to 40,000 children are treated at a Gold Coast Health Facility. The GCHF supports a significant number of projects and services for children across all facilities including; funding of medical and non-clinical equipment in the Children’s Emergency Department, neo natal intensive care unit, children critical care unit, children’s physiotherapy equipment, and the funding of a dedicated Child Life Therapist in the Occupational Therapy peri operative unit.

Donations to GCHF also fund health projects including medical research that helps Gold Coast Health medical staff deliver world class care.

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